4. It Had The First Rock Garden And First Children’s Gardening Program In The US

The Botanic Garden since its inception was committed to education. So in 1914 with an effort to maintain that mission and increase notoriety, the children’s gardening program was created. It became the first of its kind and the prototype for many such programs and gardens around the world. Today, kids between the ages of 2 and 17 continue to plant and harvest their own flowers and plants guided by garden instructors.

In 2014, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden was awarded the National Medal for Museum and Library Service on the 100th anniversary of the Children’s Garden. The Children’s Garden continues today to be a vital part of the Brooklyn community teaching the children and members about environmental awareness.

The Rock Garden was also the first public rock garden in the United States, opening in 1916. In 1992, more boulders were brought from Westchester County, NY to add to the original collection increasing the size of the already fairly large rock garden. Many of the boulders in this garden were deposited there during the last ice age and were subsequently unearthed and moved around during construction of various parts of the garden.