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Just like New York City, London has myriads of untapped places and stories waiting to be discovered. Today, Living London, a website made up of “a collection of London places, photographs, stories, descriptions and poems,” has unearthed for us 10 of the quirkiest places in London. The project will soon expand its scope of work by leading walks and encouraging stewardship especially in disadvantaged communities.

10. Andaz Hotel, Freemason Temple

To enter the mysterious Freemason Temple, you have to go through Andaz – a luxury hotel adjacent to Liverpool Street station, and travel through a maze of immaculate and regal corridors, broken up by several heavy mahogany doors. The secret temple, built in 1912 and rediscovered in the early 1990s, was the place where Freemasons attended their lodge meetings. The temple is lavish and grand, with marble floors, majestic thrones and gold zodiac details. It’s been the backdrop of various fashion shoots and music videos.