7. House of Dreams

Stephen Wright’s House of Dreams is a technicolour wonderland located half way down a sleepy suburban street in Dulwich in South East London. Inside, the labyrinthine corridors and rooms are filled with a myriad of mosaics made up of all sorts of throwaway objects, from combs, and gems to an array of doll heads. On the walls of the house, there are all sorts of thoughtful, uplifting and melancholic things written. For example, “every day I ask myself what I am doing and why,” “I have no sense of belonging, where is my home,” “spiritually I turned my back on London years and years ago,” and “<dear world, I won’t be available for the rest of my life, I’m sorry for the inconvenience this might cause.” The house relays the personal life story of its maker, Stephen Wright, whilst sharing his hopes, fears, thoughts and experiences.