6. Bloomingdale’s Once Sold Ice Cubes From a Glacier in Greenland

Bloomingdale's holiday windows with Out of This World theme

In 1984, Bloomingdale’s sold 35 ounce bags of ice chips from a 100,000 year old glacier in Greenland for $7 a bag, branded as “Glazonice.” At the time, the store marketed the ice as the oldest and purest you can find on the planet. It was also said that because of the denseness, it would not dilute your cocktail. The ice, all 4000 pounds of it, was purchased through the company of a polar explorer, William Baker, who was also had of W Communications television group. As Baker told The New York Times, ”What’s more perfect for celebrating the birth of a child or a wedding than 12-year-old Scotch with 100,000-year-old ice?” The Sun Journal reported in 1984 that more than 60 bags were sold in the first two weeks and that people were driving into the city from places like New Haven to pick it up. On the silver mylar bags was also the claim: ”Put your ear close to the glass and listen to the whispering of the past.”