4. Helen McAllister

Built in 1900 as the Admiral Dewey, this tugboat is originally from New York built by the New York Burlee Drydock Company of Staten Island for the Berwind White Coal Company. The boat went through one more identity before becoming the Helen McAllister. After the coal marker slowed in New York, the boat moved south to Charleston, South Carolina and renamed the Georgetown. 

In 1989 though, the tugboat was brought back to New York City under the operation of the McAllister Brothers Towing Company and so renamed the Helen McAslliter, until she was retired in 1992. In 2000 she was donated to the South Street Seaport Museum. However, in 2012, the boat was returned to McAllister Towing in Battery Park in an effort to save it from becoming scrap after the city made plans to redevelop a pier for ferry operations.