590 Madison Avenue-IBM Building-Reflection-Marble-Art-NYC

The IBM Building at 590 Madison Avenue is no stranger to art. It once held a 3000 square foot satellite museum of the Whitney, as we mentioned in our article about the museum’s secrets yesterday. Its atrium, a privately owned public space, often has art installations, and its lobby has works by Kenny Scharf, Robert Indiana, Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, and Alexander Calder. But there’s one piece that is quite accidental, as discovered by Corey William Schneider who heads the New York Adventure Club.

Corey captured this photograph on Monday, which isn’t a painting on the cantilevered roof of 590 Madison Avenue but a reflection off the very shiny marble. Here, you can see a classic New York City scene with the yellow and blue umbrellas of a hot dog stand, yellow cabs, and the red Alexander Calder sculpture that stands in front of the building.

The next time you walk by this building on 57th Street and Madison Avenue, look up and then head into the lobby to see some great works of art.

Kenny Scharf-Painting-Street Art-IBM Building-590 Madison Avenue-NYC-2Kenny Scharf painting at IBM Building

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