4. It’s Made From The Same Marble As NYC’s Federal Hall

Inside the rotunda of Federal Hall

The arch is constructed out of marble from a now-closed quarry about 21 miles north of New York City in Tuckahoe, Eastchester. Quarrying in Tuckahoe ceased in 1930 which would cause some problems when it came to restoring the arch later on in 2001.

So how did the city get around that problem? Interestingly enough, pieces of Tuckahoe marble were being used as fill when the road was dug up for improvement during construction of the Taconic State Parkway. These pieces of marble were unneeded and just provided fill, so they were salvaged and used in the intense restoration project in 2002.

Tuckahoe marble was not only used for the Washington Square Arch, it was also used to build Federal Hall and St. Patrick’s Cathedral.