14. Two Orchids at the Doris Freedman Plaza

The Public Art Fund’s installation at the the Doris Freedman Plaza is an ode to Spring. Two Orchids by the German artist Isa Gengken, which was a subject of a retrospective at The Museum of Modern Art in 2013, features two enormous orchid flowers, standing twenty-eight feet and thirty-four feet tall on the Plaza at Fifth Avenue and 60th Street. The Public Art Fund describes this piece as an “idealized, colossal version of the familiar plant: a civic monument to the perfect orchid, now the chosen ornament of contemporary culture…the mass-produced, white orchid, has become the quintessential flower of our age: global, accessible, and open to interpretation.” Two Orchids will be on view through August 21 at the Doris C. Freedman Plaza, Fifth Avenue at 60th Street.