3. The Park Avenue Armory Drill Hall Has Been Used for Cultural Events Since 1881

1-Enhanced-Lighting-at-Entrance-to-Tears-Become-Untapped-Cities-AFineLyneDrill Hall transformed with 122,000 gallons of water occupying 33,000 square-feet underneath two pianos for the installation Tears Become Streams Become

The 55,000 square-foot drill hall was designed to look like a great European train shed by Charles Clinton, co-architect of The Apthorp. It was originally used for marching drills. However in 1881, it was thought that perhaps the room would make a good performance space, and music festivals were hosted there. They once held a festival with 1,200 singers – long before fire regulations. Today, it is the main performance space for the Park Avenue Armory.

In 2014 Scottish conceptual artist Douglas Gordon and French pianist Helene Grimaud filled the drill with water in the performance Tears Become Streams Become.