7. Surplus Candy

In December 2013, New York City graffiti artist and parodist Hanksy had a “building destruction party” illegally inside an abandoned tenement in the East Village. Hanksy, along with over 35 different artists temporarily took over the place putting their art on the walls. A few weeks later, through word of mouth, Hanksy held another, this time much larger party inside the same tenement to show the work that had been done. The show was called Surplus Candy.

The invitation-only show featured works by other notable graffiti and street artists like Russell King, NDA, and Tony DePew along with Hanksy’s work. Though he doesn’t have any plans for a Surplus Two right now, he did tell Gothamist “hopefully this inspires other artists to look beyond the gallery for exhibiting work. Get creative and get inspired. And then when it’s all over, get drunk.