11. Double Check by Seward Johnson in Zuccotti Park

Double Check Zuccotti Park Seward Johnson Untapped Cities AFineLyne

The life-sized bronze statue entitled Double Check was created in 1982 by artist Seward Johnson. It was loaned to Merrill Lynch to be displayed in what was then Liberty Park. In the weeks following September 11, with the park surrounded by debris, Double Check became a symbol of the World Trade Tower victims. Seward Johnson brought the sculpture back to his studio, where he cast a duplicate and added objects left by mourners. He also refurbished the original, leaving the damages, and returned it to the park. The plaque reads “a poignant reminder of hope and endurance for us all.” In 2006, Liberty Plaza Park was renovated and renamed Zuccotti Park.

Double Check Seward Johnson Untapped Cities AFineLyne