10. Joie de Vivre by Artist Mark di Suvero in Zuccotti Park

Zuccotti Park Red Sculpture Untapped Cities AFineLyneJoie de Vivre by artist Mark di Suvero in Zuccotti Park

The seventy-foot steel installation entitled Joie de Vivre (meaning “The Joy of Life” in French) arrived in 2006 to Liberty Plaza, which is now Zuccotti Park. The artist, Mark di Suvero has a history of activism, having left the United States for five years in opposition to the Vietnam war. So it is quite fitting that Joie de Vivre became a focal point and meeting place during Occupy Wall Street. Signs were posted on it, occupiers and journalists climbed on it, marchers met there and speeches were given. This is the fourth location in a decade for this installation. It was first located at the Esplanades des Invalides in Paris, then Storm King Art Center in New York, and the rotary of the Holland Tunnel before finding its current permanent home, Zuccotti Park.