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Our upcoming exploration tour of the New York City subway system goes from past (the first subway line and what’s left of the station planned as the “Grand Central” of downtown), to present (inside the new Santiago Calatrava-designed Transportation Hub at World Trade Center and the Fulton Center oculus, to the future – at the Lowline Lab. While the earlier portions of the tour will be led by Untapped Cities tour guide Justin Rivers, the portion at the Lowline will be led by lab docents working directly with the space.

They will walk you through the science behind what they hope will be the world’s first underground park, in an abandoned trolley terminal on Essex Street, and the live testing they’ve done in the lab space since last fall. This is an exciting chance to get an insider look into the Lowline Lab, whether you have visited or not.

Tickets here:

Underground Tour of the NYC Subway

Lowline Lab-Lower East Side-Dan Barasch-James Ramsey-Essex Street-2015-NYC_31

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