8. Famous Residents of Green-Wood Cemetery

Until 1848, Green-Wood Cemetery was the fourth most popular place to be buried in the United States, as it’s often been said “…one of every seven Americans can trace family roots back to Brooklyn.” Among the many immigrants and ordinary citizens interred here are members of prominent New York families like the Roosevelts, Pierreponts, Jeromes and Schermerhorns. There are also many famous residents. The list is fairly long (we’re talking a few tens and hundreds) so we’ll give you the names of just a few.

William Meager “Boss” Tweed, the infamous corrupt politician; Henry Chadwick, the “Father of Baseball”; founder and editor of the New York Tribune, Horace Greeley; notable American composer and conductor, Leonard Bernstein; artist Jean-Michel Basquiat; Frank Morgan Wupperman, the actor who played the wizard in The Wizard Of Oz; and Samuel Morse, the inventor of the telegraph. Among these famous individuals also lie 5,000 Civil War soldiers, a large percentage of who were laid to rest in unmarked graves.