2. The Surrey

The Surrey Hotel Kate Moss Tapestry Upper East Side
Though not a corporate building, the Surrey Hotel at 20 East 76th Street features a wonderful collection of modern art and photography. There’s a wall-sized tapestry of Kate Moss in the lobby, which seems a little strange for a hotel, but Rottet Studio, the interior design firm believed that this would be a great focal point for the lobby, drawing guests away from their rooms and into the lobby.

Behind the concierge desk there’s a Jenny Holzer projection You Are My Own (1996). It is a print projection that rotates pictures of old, ornate buildings with the words “You Are My Own” shining on each. It was put into the hotel to demonstrate a blend of the old and contemporary touches.

Among those, there are also a few more works scattered throughout the hotel by feturing artists like Jimmie Martin, Claus Oldenburg, William Kentridge, Donald Sultan, Mathias Weischar, Richard Serra, Mel Bochner, Cecily Brown, and Imogen Cunningham.