14.  The DNA Totem in Marcus Garvey Park

1-Suprina DNA Totem Untapped Cities AFineLyne copyThe DNA Totem overlooking Fifth Avenue on 120th Street

Marcus Garvey Park has come alive as another destination for sculpture artists within the New York City Parks Department. The DNA Totem, by sculptor artist Suprina Kenney opens a discussion on the subject of human evolution and the footprint humans leave behind. The ten-foot tall spiral form, which makes up the DNA Totem, is fixed with discarded items donated by local residents, and found objects from the artist. The objects bring attention to the 102 tons of trash we each create in our lifetime.

The DNA Totem sits on the first level of the Acropolis, overlooking Fifth Avenue on 120th Street, a few levels below the sight of the historic Harlem Fire Watchtower, which is currently being restored, and a half block away from the Maya Angelou townhouse. The DNA Totem will be on view through September 30th, 2016. Stay tuned for more installations in this park coming in June.