1. A Replica City Hall Subway Station Was Built for the Show Persons of Interest

In the episode “Nautilus” in Season 4 of the CBS television show Person of Interest, a station that looked similar to the City Hall subway station appeared as the headquarters of the team. The green and white tiling was similar but the vaulting was lower (more akin to the Oyster Bar) and the tiled subway sign said IRT instead of “City Hall.” Yet, it was so accurate in detailing from the time period we reached out to the Museum of the City of New York, which was running the exhibit “Palaces for the People: Guastavino and the Art of Structural Tile,” at the time. The museum confirmed it was a “faux-Guastavino,” and this article details the construction of a station inspired by City Hall on a 4,000 square foot set.
Watch the episode here – the station appears in the last four minutes.

Bonus: There Were Wooden Inspection Trains Before the Official Opening

Earlier in 1904 there were inspection tours of the New York City on wooden cars. Both photographs above were taken in 1904, the left an IRT inspection tour with Mayor McClellan in the center foreground and contractor John B. McDonald at edge of platform. On the right is an inspection tour for New York City officials.
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