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William Shakespeare is not only one of the most widely read English authors, but also one of the most easily recognizable, with his beard, mustache, and oblong shaped head. As a result, he has been commemorated and memorialized throughout New York City. Below, we explore some of those many places where you can find references to the Bard of Stratford-Upon-Avon.

1. Shakespeare Garden, Central Park

The Shakespeare Garden is a four acre landscaped garden in Central Park, located near 79th Street on the west side of the park. In 1913, it was officially dedicated to Shakespeare and possesses flowers and plants mentioned in his works. With its informal layout and winding paths, it was said to be a “woman’s garden” but is of course enjoyed by all today.
The flora is accompanied by bronze plaques with quotations from Shakespeare’s texts. On May 12, 1917, an oak tree grafted from one planted by Shakespeare was placed in the garden on the commemoration of Shakespeare’s tricentenary, though it is no longer there. There’s also another Shakespeare Garden in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.