2. The New Kosciuszko Bridge is the Most Expensive Bridge Project Since 1964

But the demise of the Kosciuszko Bridge is singular just by virtue of its scale. Its replacement is by far the largest and most expensive bridge project in the city since the Verrazano was completed in 1964. And to the scrap yard goes this wounded, rusting hulk that once rose up out of the murk of Newtown Creek.  An erector-set style creation that managed to fix many of the problems of its predecessor, and created a whole new set of its own. And in so doing, became part of a peculiar lineage of failure.

The website historicbridges.org has a an extremely thorough page concerning the Koszciuszko. It’s dense with photos, technical facts, and clearly written explanations of bridge engineering, mixed with, right at the very end, some editorial pathos. It floats mid-page, one declarative sentence that is its own paragraph.

This bridge is unfortunately to be demolished and replaced by a modern bridge that will be devoid of historic significance.

Which is kind of great. Insofar as a new thing is self-evidently devoid of history.