11. There’s an Unusual Radio Frequency Phenomenon on the Kosciuszko Bridge

Kosciuszko Bridge-Newtown Creek-Queens-Brooklyn-Untapped Cities-NYC-006Underneath the Kosciuszko Bridge

There is an unusual radio frequency phenomenon on the Kosciuszko Bridge, instigated by various nearby radio stations, that has led bridge maintenance workers to receive shocks and or burns when they touched the bridge from a lift. According to a 2002 report by Steve Jensen Consultants, “Voltages induced on both bridge and man-lift range in amplitude from 30 – 120 volts open circuit depending on height above ground of both man-lift and bridge location. Total power intercepted by bridge is approximately 100 watts.” The New York State Department of Transportation hoped to reduce the voltage, and the report suggested some fixes. Ultimately, the report concludes that “Shocks are nuisance in nature and are not life threatening,” and did not pose a threat to people, traffic or equipment on the bridge.