9. Hidden Sandy Beach in Swindler’s Cove (Inwood, Manhattan)

Swindlers Cove-Sandy Beach-Inwood-Park-New York Restoration Project-Manhattan-NYC

It’s pretty rare to find a nice sandy beach, particularly in Manhattan. In Swindler’s Cove in Inwood, a waterfront area typically bound by hard, concrete edges, there is one spot where you can put your bare feet into the sand and listen to the gentle lapping of waves. Swindler’s Cove and Sherman Creek Park was part of a New York Restoration Project (NYRR) initiative to reclaim the waterfront and revitalize the city’s public spaces.

Entering through Swindler’s Cove, head towards the waterfront and walk along the metal esplanade that goes over the waterfront here. You’ll come in view of the stunning Peter Jay Sharp Boathouse, also a restoration effort by NYRR, and then look along the shore here. Head down a small, unmarked dirt path and discover a little gem of a nature spot, a glimpse of what the Manhattan shoreline may have (sort of) looked like before urbanization.

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  1. Soundview and Concrete Plant Parks. Absolutely gorgeous waterfront recreational areas.

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