9. The Other End/The Bitter End

The Bitter End-The Other End-NYC New York-Untapped Cities
After her residency at CBGB, Patti Smith played her first gigs that incorporated drums here, reveling in the venue’s short distance from her apartment on MacDougal Street. At the time, the venue usually only hosted big names like Joan Baez, Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell, but had also been the springboard for Peter, Paul, and Mary.
During one notable performance there, Smith claimed she felt an electric presence enter the room and saw that Bob Dylan had come in to see her. “It seemed for me a night of initiation, where I had to become fully myself in the presence of the one I had modeled myself after,” she wrote of the musician whom she had idolized long before she even considered writing music and lyrics herself. The next day, the cover of The Village Voice featured a photo of Dylan with an arm around a offbeat-looking young woman: a fellow poet and musician, a rebel, a voice of a quickly-fleeting generation and the legacy they would leave behind, an emerging icon.