More than just places to gather and imbibe, many of New York City’s floating bars have a great history as well. So if the sea calls to you like it does to a titanic number of New Yorkers, don’t worry, you’re not too late. You can still get your nautical fill at any of these ten floating bars around New York City.

1. The Brooklyn Barge (Greenpoint)

This week, the Greenpoint waterfont will welcome a long-awaited addition to the bar scene. The Brooklyn Barge, which had a short season last summer, will be docked at 3 Milton Street near WNYC Transmitter Park, giving patrons a choice of seating on land or on the water. It is expected that the bar will open this week on May 25th in time for Memorial Day. The bar-on-a-boat is a popular idea in the city, but only the Brooklyn Barge offers customers this encompassing view of the midtown Manhattan skyline.
As reported by Gothamist, Brooklyn Barge will also have great programming: free kayaking, paddle-boarding lessons, and tours of historic boats like the tugboat Cornell and the Mystic Whaler.