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Sponsored by the Tourist Board of Vienna, a 10-foot statue of Sigmund Freud being dissected on his couch is coming to Flatiron Plaza from June 16th to June 18th. The work is by Austrian artist Nychos, who began his career as a teenager in the street art world. Nychos’ gallery work and street work both examine the inner anatomy of animals in vibrant detail. In this case, it will be Freud will be examined (instead of the other way around).
As the press release states, “For a special three-day installation and immersive experience, [Nychos] dissects the bust of Sigmund Freud, revealing his brain, and paying homage to the visionary’s inner life as the pioneer of psychoanalysis.” There isn’t too much detail yet on exactly this will go down but there has been a teaser trailer released.
The installation is in conjunction with Nychos’ solo exhibition, IKON at the Jonathan Levine Gallery starting June 25th where the artist dissects the portraits of famous pop icons.
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