Chicago Union Station, located at 215 North Clinton Street, is the perfect place to start your journey to the American South–to Jackson, Mississippi to be precise–thanks to its stately charm. Ten impressive entryways invite you into the city’s block-long head house, with a 110-foot high atrium and eighteen Corinthian style columns. Here you can leisure in the many restaurants, bars, and kiosks which have converting this historic railway station into a cozy environment, setting the pace for your passage south.
The Amtrak train connecting Chicago and Jackson departs at 10 pm and costs around $147. Discover the charms of the midwest along this 740 mile route, covered in 15 hours, in comfort and style. Passengers have a privileged view of past and present historic American scenery. The rolling plains and agricultural landscape accompany your travel through Illinois, skirting the State of Tennessee, crossing Missouri and Arkansas to the Mississippi, wherein lies the end of the trip. All the information about train from Chicago to Jackson can be found in the travel platform

Arriving at Jackson station, the traveler is welcomed to an important Mississippi hallmark. Its origin dates back to 1927, although due to restoration undertaken between 2002 and 2004, the building now has a more modern image. More modest than the Chicago station, Jackson station still retains its Southern style charm marked by the reddish color of its façade.
What to see in Jackson? 
Jackson is highlighted by its innumerable tourist charms. Known as “the city with soul,” it is bursting at the seams with music. Jazz, gospel and blues are the flagships of this city; check out the local scenes to enjoy and discover all of the unique sounds and rhythms. Must-see venues are the F. Jones Corner and Hal And Mal´s.
The charms of Jackson are not just limited to the music. Architecture, museums and outdoor attractions draw tourists to the capital year round. Mississippi Children’s Museum, the Mississippi Museum of Natural Science, the State Capitol, the Old Capitol Museum, the Mississippi Museum of Art and the Mississippi War Memorial Building are some of the top destinations.
Of course, any good tour is not complete without great food. Southern cooking, characterized by tantalizing dishes like fried chicken, okra, grits, or the famous Mississippi Mud Pie, reflect the culture of comfort, and are perfect accompaniment for immersing yourself into the rich history of Jackson, Mississippi.