Popular Dog Names-Map-NYC Health Department-2015

Map of 2015’s Most Popular Dog Names in NYC. Image via NYC Department of Health

Yesterday, the New York City Department of Health released the list of most popular dog names in 2015, based on the 85,000 licensed dogs on record. The most popular dog name for the last seven years has been Bella, which the Department of Health surmises is due the publication of the last Twilight book that year). Max, formerly the number one name prior to that still takes second. As the records show, there were 1,127 Bellas and 1,073 Maxs registered in New York City in 2015.

The top 10 names by gender are as follows:

Popular Dog Names-Map-NYC Health Department-2015.png

The Department of Health also released fun breakdowns in other categories. Most popular dog names by breed:

Popular Dog Names-Map-NYC Health Department-2015.05 AM

Manhattan took the prize for having the highest percentage of dogs relative to the other boroughs, and Olive was the most popular name in terms of fruit rankings:
Popular Dog Names-Map-NYC Health Department-2016

Ginger wins in the combination fruit/vegetable/spices/herb category:

Popular Dog Names-Map-NYC Health Department-2017

Daisy was number one in the flower category, followed by Lily:

Popular Dog Names-Map-NYC Health Department-2015.01 AM

Unique dog names by breed:

Popular Dog Names-Map-NYC Health Department-2015.05 AM

By law, dogs are supposed to be registered, which can be done online.

Next, check out the most popular dog breeds by NYC neighborhoods.

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