MTA Subway Map-Second Avenue Subway Line-Q-W Restored-NYC

Though not on the MTA website yet, the Second Avenue Subway line has been added to the subway map contained with the May 2016 MTA Board Action Items document released on Wednesday. The line is expected to open in December this year and there would be a few changes as a result, including a resurrection of the W line. Currently, the Q goes from Astoria-Ditmars Blvd to Coney Island-Stillwell Avenue.

But as a result of the new line, the Q will be rerouted to run from the new 96th Street stop to Coney Island-Stillwell, using existing but currently non-passenger tracks under Central Park that connect to the Broadway express tracks. The W train, which was removed from service in 2010, will return to service Whitehall Street to Astoria-Ditmas Blvd on weekdays only.

See our latest photos inside the construction of the Second Avenue Subway and read about the Secrets of the NYC subway.

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  1. In 1973, my father told me that he was looking forward to taking me on the first run of the Second Avenue Subway, when it opened in 1980. I used to tease him about that. Now I’m looking forward to taking my daughter on this line when it opens.

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