Clover-Deli-Indeed, James-and-Karla-Murray, New-York-Storefront
Photo by James and Karla Murray Photography.

James and Karla Murray have just installed eight large-scale photographs of classic New York City storefronts in Indeed’s conference rooms. Indeed is the number one worldwide job search site. But one of their offices also calls New York home. As a result, they hired the Murrays to infuse the Big Apple’s aesthetics into the workplace. The two photographers took eight photographs from their famous Store Front: The Disappearing Face of New York books and plastered the image on the company’s conference room walls.

SMITHS-Bar-Corner, Indeed, James-and-Karla-Murray, New-York-Storefront
Photo by James and Karla Murray Photography.

“Indeed was interested in the whole idea of showing the vibrant businesses that are in their community,” said photographer Karla Murray. “They’re a job search engine for various businesses, so they really are champions of small businesses.”

Ottomanelli Cheyenne Diner Indeed Office-James and Karla Murray-NYCPhoto by James and Karla Murray Photography

The company reiterated this feeling, calling the project an “homage to interesting job industries that call New York home,” according to Derek Stewart, head of real estate at Indeed. The Murrays have featured four of the designs on their website, highlighting Smith’s Bar, Patsy’s Restaurant, Ralph’s Discount, Clover Delicatessen, the Cheyenne diner, Ottomanelli & Sons, and Vesuvio Bakery.

Vesuvio Bakery-Cheyenne Diner Indeed Office-James and Karla Murray-NYCPhoto by James and Karla Murray Photography

“[Indeed] chose the eight. Some were specific because they had color themes that they were using for their offices,” said Karla Murray. “If you noticed on the flooring, it’s carpeting. But they made it look like pavement. It looks like you are really standing in front of the actual store.”

Patsys, Indeed, James-and-Karla-Murray, New-York-Storefront
Photo byJames and Karla Murray Photography.

Ralphs-New York Storefront-James and Karla Murray-Indeed Offices-NYCPhoto by James and Karla Murray Photography.

Cheyenne Diner Indeed Office-James and Karla Murray-NYCPhoto by James and Karla Murray Photography.

But more importantly, these pictures represent something special to the photographers because as much as New York is remembered for the famous landmarks, the pair calls these stores “an equally important part of what makes New York a unique and remarkable city.” But as great as they are, in an increasingly difficult market for small businesses, they are starting to disappear.

“[Our book] became an artistic intervention to open people’s eyes and bring awareness to the plight of these small mom and pop stores,” said Karla Murray. “If people do not go into these stores, they can all go out of business.”

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