Gould Memorial Library at Bronx Community College

Ever wondered what those beautiful, Beaux-Arts buildings are on the hill that you see from upper Manhattan? It’s the Bronx Community College, with a history connected to several of New York City’s colleges. The architecture of the campus, which it inherited from a well-known New York City private college has since been recognized on a local and national level.

Here are the top ten secrets of the Bronx Community College.

10. Bronx Community College Was Not Located Initially in the Bronx

Hunter College

In 1957, a number of civic-minded individuals in Bronx County decided that the borough was in need of better education options for the people who lived in the community. Thus, Bronx Community College was born. But at the beginning, BCC classes were held at Hunter College on 68th Street in Manhattan. Then in 1959, 125 students began taking classes at the former location of the Bronx High School of Science at Creston Avenue and 184th Street.

Over the next few years, the college grew rapidly, mostly due to the fact the school started open admissions in 1970. By 1972, Bronx Community College was serving over 14,000 matriculated students, and the school occupied seven surrounding buildings. It would not be until 1973 that it would get its own campus in University Heights.