Ghostbusters-Untapped Cities-BBQ Films-Villain-Williamsburg

There was something strange happening in Williamsburg last night. More strange than usual. BBQ Films, the immersive cinema group who last took us to the scariest wedding we’ll ever attend, threw a party to celebrate the opening of the new Ghostbusters headquarters. Since 1984, parapsychologists Peter Venkman, Ray Stantz and Egon Spengler, along with former construction worker Winston Zeddmore, have based their operations in Tribeca. Now after more than thirty years, the Ghostbusters have moved their operations (as well as all the ghosts they keep locked away) to Villain in North Williamsburg. Why? With ghosts from outside of New York City gentrifying neighborhoods, displacing the native ghosts who have haunted here for years, the Ghostbusters need help, which means they need you. 

BBQ Films-Ghostbusters-Untapped Cities-Villain-Williamsburg

Besides being a party to celebrate decades of protecting this city from ghosts, the event is also a recruitment drive for people to live out their dreams and become full-time Ghostbusters. You can form Ghostbuster teams and get trained in the art of ghost trapping – even get your own proton pack. There was also a lecture in paranormal studies by a leading parapsychologist. A sketch artist is on hand if you would like to report on any paranormal activity. There’s possession testing, in case you believe you currently feel like a spirit has consumed your mind and body. And a “Ghostbusters Wall of Fame,” paying tribute to those who have gone to great lengths to protect the world from ghosts. Notable entrants include Katy Perry, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Queens rapper Nas.

BBQ Films-Untapped Cities-Ghostbusters-Villain-Lecture

At 9:00pm, after a short preview of a new documentary about the fandom surrounding Ghostbusters or “Ghost Heads,” a screening of the classic 1984 film Ghostbusters was shown. New recruits and life-long fans were shown the very early days of the Ghostbusters from their first capture to taking down a 112.5 foot tall marshmallow man. Over thirty years after their first adventure, the movie never once felt old. With popcorn on their laps and ecto-cooler infused cocktails in their hands, there wasn’t a single person standing, sitting in chairs or on the floor not smiling.

BBQ Films-Untapped Cities-Ghostbusters-Proton Pack-Williamsburg-Villain

As we left Villain, seeing people walking home, their lives changed forever now that they are professionally trained Ghostbusters, we were left with one thought: any man or woman (Yes! Women!) who has a passion in helping those in need can be a Ghostbuster. Get tickets to an upcoming Ghostbusters BBQ Films event here.

Here are more photos from the event:

Ghostbusters-BBQ Films-Untapped Cities-Williamsburg-Villain-Line

Untapped Cities-BBQ Films-Ghostbusters-Villain-Williamsburg-Badge

Ghostbusters-Untapped Cities-BBQ Films-Trapper-Williamsburg

Ghostbusters-Untapped Cities-NYC-BBQ Films-Villain-Williamsburg

BBQ Fims-Ghostbusters-Untapped Cities-NYC-Williamsburg-Villain

Untapped Cities-Ghostbusters-Ecto-BBQ Films-Williamsburg-Villain

BBQ Films-Sign-Untapped Cities-Willaimsburg-Ghostbusters-NYC

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