Nathan’s Famous has been “more than just the best hot dog” since 1916. In fact, the Coney Island-based chain is one of the original fast-food restaurants. The products are available in all 50 states, and around the world from Egypt to Malaysia. But beyond its delicious sausages and huge impact lies a rich untapped history.

Read more below and join us for a tour of the Secrets of Coney Island, where you’ll learn about the secrets of not just Nathan’s but the fascinating, lesser known history of the entire area.

10. Nathan’s Famous Has The Oldest Beer License in NYC

Crowd surrounding Nathan’s Famous. Photo via Wikimedia Commons from Library of Congress.

Dating back to 1934, Nathan’s Famous’ beer license is the oldest in all of New York City. The business acquired it directly after the end of prohibition. To celebrate access to alcohol again, Nathan Handwerker, the founder and then-owner, gave away free beer in a block party type event.

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  1. Last year, I went and saw the hot dog eating contest at Nathan’s and it was a pretty fun thing to do. I can definitely see how it started out as a PR ploy and it probably still has that same effect. However, do you happen to know what the most amount of Nathan’s hot dogs someone has eaten because of that ploy?

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