Grove Court Grove Court in Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village is one of New York City’s most beloved neighborhoods, renown for its Bohemian history and its stately charm today. With its winding streets and hidden alleys, you can still find many secrets despite how expensive and chic the neighborhood has become.

15. Washington Square Park in Greenwich Village Used to Be a Cemetery

Burial-Vault-Washington-Square-Park-Chryalis-Archaeology-NYC-3Photo by Chrysalis Architecture

Before it was an unofficial hangout for NYU Students, Washington Square Park was a cemetery beginning in the late 18th century. In 1797, the Common Council acquired the land and used it as a potter’s field and place for public executions. There were a number of church cemeteries on the land, with the largest belonging to The Scottish Presbyterian Church. There are believed to be over 20,000 people still buried underneath the park, and a purported 125,000 people buried in the land’s history. In 2015, additional vaults with human remains and vaults were discovered, likely connected to the Cedar Street Presbyterian Church.