Untapped Cities-HALO-MSG-Penn Station-Brooklyn Capital Partners Image via AE Superlab

In the latest development in the much-discussed redevelopment of Penn Station, Brooklyn Capital Partners has proposed a giant free fall tower ride atop Madison Square Garden or the James A. Farley Post office. As reported by the Daily News, the “Halo” would be the “world’s tallest giant free fall tower ride,” if built at 1,200 feet tall with 11 gondolas. The ride, priced at $35, would go up to 100 miles per hour, with speeds adjustable by the riders. Lease of the space, which the developers project at $38 million, would help fund the rehabilitation of Penn Station.

Brooklyn Capital Partners is only one of the firms in the running to redevelop Penn Station (Vornado and Related Companies are also said to be interested in bidding), so the free fall ride is still quite a distant possibility, if at all. But the team has a long history with Penn Station and city development. President Alexandros Washburn was the chief urban designer for the New York City Department of City Planning for seven years and chairman John Gerber served as the president of the Penn Station Redevelopment Corporation.

The free fall ride, if built, will be nearly as tall as the Empire State Building. It has an estimated price tag of $637 million dollars to construct, using 17,000 tons of steel.

The likelihood of our beloved New York Knicks playing underneath an amusement park ride are pretty slim (and if the Municipal Art Society has its way, the Knicks won’t be playing here at all). But this is New York City and if any city is going to have an amusement park ride on top of a transportation hub, it just might be us.

Check out some more photos of the proposed “Halo” free fall ride:

Untapped Cities-MSG-Penn Station-HALO-Free Fall-RideImage via AE Superlab

Untapped Cities-Penn Station-Halo-Brooklyn Capital Partners Image via AE Superlab

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