NYCHOS-Untapped-Sigmund Freud-NYC-Flatiron Plaza-Street ArtStreet Artist NYCHOS and the Great Grandson of Sigmund Freud Dominic Freud

A 10-foot-tall, 3D sculpture of Sigmund Freud and his couch are currently on display inside the Flatiron Plaza. The sculpture by famous Austrian artists NYCHOS, shows the Father of Psychoanalysis dissected, his brain literally popping out of skull. Known mostly for painting murals that show the dissection of animals and pop-culture icons, the piece, titled “Vienna Therapy” is NYCHOS’ largest sculpture to date.

The piece is a collaboration between the artist and the Vienna Tourism Board, and a part of a larger installation, offering an interactive map of the city and an open air library. On display until Saturday June 18th, anyone who walks by the Flatiron Plaza can have a seat (no feet on the sculpture!) and take a photo with the dissected form of Sigmund Freud staring down at you. Passerby stopped at first to see what the crowd was all about, then quickly joining the line to have their photos taken in the shadow of the Empire State Building.

Here are more photos from the event.

NYCHOS-Untapped Cities-Vienna Therapy-Jamie Rojo-NYCBrooklyn Street Art’s own Jamie Rojo posing

NYCHOS-Untapped Cities-Chris Inoa-Flatiron-NYC-Freud

Untapped Cities-NYCHOS-Art-Sigmund Freud-Flatiron Plaza

Untapped Cities-NYCHOS-Art-Street Art-Empire State-Freud-Vienna

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