If you happen to be traveling to Las Vegas this year then you are in for a treat. Vegas is known to be a city that never sleeps, as day or night there is always something going on, from visiting the Grand Canyon in the sunny weather to making a few wins on slot machines on the Strip. If you are a big fan of slots machines then you will be happy to know casinos especially on the Las Vegas Strip have all different types of slot machines including film and TV show themed ones.

Vegas has so much to offer its visitors from one of the world’s natural wonders, blissful sunshine and even its very own, one of a kind gambling museum which features slot machines from the past. There used to be the Olde-Tyme Gambling Museum which was dedicated to all classic games of chance, but it seemed to be a museum the city simply forgot and unfortunately has closed down. However, if you are interested in the history of gambling, then worry not as there is still the Museum of Gambling and the Las Vegas Pinball Hall of Fame Museum.

The Museum of Gaming History came about thanks to Jim Kruse, who is an avid casino memorabilia collector, member of the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club and all-around history buff. He suggested that collectors needed an actual building where they could roam about and explore the museum as well as act as a meeting place. The idea was positively received by his fellow collectors and it now features all different aspects of gaming history, collecting and preservation.

The Pinball Hall of Fame opened its doors in January 2006 and is solely dedicated to pinball machines. The museum is a project of the Las Vegas Pinball Collectors Club similar to the Museum of Gaming History in that it’s a part of the Casino Chip and Gaming Token Collectors Club. The Pinball Hall of Fame features pinball machines from all eras including rare machines like William’s Black Gold, Bally’s Pinball Circus and Recreativos Franco Impacto. The museum is home to over 400 different pinball games as well as classic video arcade games. The Pinball Hall of Fame is a non-profit venture, and its sole creation first came about with the help of donations which can still be made to keep the museum up and running. Currently, the museum is run by a veteran arcade operator who once ran Pinball Pete’s in Michigan. He has help form fully staffed volunteers and all the donations go to The Salvation Army. The museum is known for its charitable nature and has stated quite frequently it’s mostly about the games and charity, rather than making money.

If you are taking a trip to Las Vegas you will surely not be bored as there are a range of activities that can be done from exploring casinos to museums. So, if you are going away in a big group, there’s something to suit all tastes.

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