7. The NYPD Has its Own Flag

NYPD flagNYPD flag on far right

The NYPD flag was created in 1919 and is displayed outside New York City precincts. The flag features alternating green and white stripes to represent the city’s five boroughs: Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, Brooklyn and Staten Island. The blue square in the corner represents the official color of the NYPD uniforms. There are 24 stars in the blue square: 23 of the stars represent the 23 towns and villages that became part of the city after the Consolidation of 1898, which formed what is today the five boroughs of “Greater New York.” The 24th star represents all of New York City. Aside from being flown outside of precincts, the NYPD flag is also wrapped around the coffins of fallen officers at their funerals and for parades or processions.

Each borough of the city also has its own flag. See what they look like here.