2. The M2M Installation in Riverside Park

1-M2M Riverside Park Tanda Francis Untapped Cities AFineLyne copy“Everything Breaks” by Tanda Francis can be found just past the 69th Street entrance in Riverside Park

For the sixth year, The Art Students League’s “Model to Monument” (M2M) sculptures arrived in Riverside Park. Seven artists were chosen, including Aaron Bell, Sheila Berger, James Emerson, Tanda Francis, Markus Rudolph Holtby, Sarah Thompson Moore, and Shiho Sato. They used the theme “Art in the Public Square,” exploring goodness, roots, perspective, nature in the city, and social cohesion. This will be the final year for the M2M program in Riverside Park. A new location will be announced next year. M2M is on view from 59th Street to 72nd Street, along the waterfront, and will run through May 2017, with an additional sculpture on view later this month in Van Cortlandt Park.