6. The Language of Things at City Hall Park

1-Adam Pendleton The Language of Things Untapped Cities AFineLyneArtist Adam Pendleton created The Language of Things at City Hall Park

Exploring forms of language through sculptural and interactive works, The Public Art Fund is presenting the exhibit The Language of Things opening in City Hall Park on June 29. The exhibition features seven artists who will present situational works, auditory pieces, and poems revolving around the idea that language is not limited to the form of words. The seven artists include Carol Bove, Claudia Comte, Michael Dean, Adam Pendleton, Tino Sehgal, Chris Watson, and Hannah Weiner. The in-depth interpretation of this thematic exhibit will include a female vocalist on the park’s pathways, murmurations made by flocking starlings, seven white marble sculptures in seven variations of the letter “U,” large-scale black concrete geometric forms that visitors are free to walk around, a series of Morse code poems, and work that poetically communicates the mystical power of an object. Located at City Hall Park in Lower Manhattan, The Language of Things will be on view through September 29, 2016.

The Languate of Things Hannah Weiner Untapped Cities AFineLyneArtist Hannah Weiner, Code Poems, for The Language of Things in City Hall Park