Featuring Stannis the Dood

As in all cities, space is a commodity in New York City. So finding enough room to let your furry friend run free can be challenging. Although these dogs might be city dwellers, as any owner knows, it is still important for their dogs to regularly exercise, socialize, and spend time outdoors. These ten dog parks, located around New York City, are free of cost and will have your pup begging for a w-a-l-k.

10. Dyker Beach Park, Brooklyn

Recent renovations have transformed the dog run at Dyker Beach Park into a local favorite. Prior to the renovation, the park was overrun with trash and had little room for dogs to run around. Located at 7th Avenue and 86th Street, it now includes two separate areas for large and small dogs, allowing for plenty of running space. There is also a water fountain and seating options for the owners. See more of the photos of the park here.