1. Tompkins Square Dog Run, Manhattan

Featuring Stannis the Dood

Opened in 1990, Tompkins Square on 11 East 7th street was the first dog park in New York City. It replaced and rejuvenated a park that was only known for rampant drug use and other delinquent acts. Not only is it the oldest, but it is the largest dog run in the New York City too. Located in Tompkins Square Park, 500 East 9th Street, the park boasts 18,500 square feet and amenities rivaling that of a (human) hotel.

These amenities include three swimming pools, bath areas and hoses, picnic tables, underground drainage, and a cutting edge running surface made from decomposed granite sand. These additions were part of a $450,000 renovation in 2008 for your pet’s pleasure. The park also has large and small dog areas for off-leash socializing.

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