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The Bastille Day Celebration, or La Fete Nationale, is a time-honored tradition in New York City that has grown to become a week-long celebration. It marks the anniversary of the French storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, and the celebrations continue to this day, across the pond. From street fairs to chocolatiers, here are thirteen ways you can celebrate Bastille Day in New York City all throughout this week. Vive La France!

13. Celebrate Bastille Day at the French Institute Alliance Francaise

1-FIAF French Institute Alliance Francaise Untapped CitiesImage via French Institute Alliance Francaise

The traditional 60th Street celebration of Bastille Day will be held on Sunday, July 10th. This event is hosted by the French Institute Alliance Francaise and is the largest French Independence Day festival in New York City. The area between 60th Street from 5th Avenue to Lexington Avenue will be filled with champagne and wine tastings, free film screenings, live performances (including can-can dancers), crepes and eclairs, music and dancing. This festival is also the last stop for the Citroen car parade. The event is free, with some paid ticketed events available, and runs from Noon to 5pm.

Bastille Day at FIAF Untapped CitiesBastille Day on 60th Street (2015). Image via

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