Church-of-the-Annuciation, Williamsburg, Brooklyn, German, Lithuania, Open-House

As part of the Open House New York tour in Williamsburg, Untapped Cities got a glimpse inside the Church of the Annunciation, an establishment built in the 19th century and filled to the brim with history.

Construction of the church originally began in the early 1860’s. Designed by Francis Himpler, it was completed in 1870. Himpler, a German-born architect, is famous for building various cathedrals in Detroit, New Jersey, Cincinnati and Kansas City, according to Dr. Algirdas Lukoševičius, a Lithuanian community board member. As for the specific interior style, it is an Italian Lombardy Romanesque Basilica, which is from the Roman Order of the 12th Century. 

On top of this, the church is filled with various statues, artwork and stained glass windows that were from the establishment’s inception. In fact, besides renovations in the 1890’s and 1930’s, which added aspects such as fake bricks, this place has largely gone untouched. The artwork above the altar was created by a Mr. Estle, who was from Munich and was a court painter for the king of Bavaria. Also, the stained glass windows were completed in 1870 by a Mr. Hamiltion, who used to own a shop on 4th avenue and 12th street in Manhattan, according to Dr. Algirdas Lukoševičius.

In 1914, the church was purchased by the Lithuanian community, who has been running the parish since.

To learn more about the Church of the Annunciation and to get a special glimpse at the altar, the artwork and its various statues, watch our video tour below. For more information about Open House New York’s events, check out their calendar.


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