Some of the Untapped Cities core staff has been on their annual electricity-less, internet free vacation on remote islands in Brittany, France so we missed this video in our inbox. But we’re back and want to share this dramatic drone video of the always mysterious North Brother Island, the abandoned island in New York City’s East River. We’ve previously covered its historical secrets and shared photographs from photographer Christopher Payne, a collaborator of Untapped Cities, who wrote the book  North Brother Island, The Last Unknown Place in New York CityWe’ve even visited the island ourselves, on a surprise stop with the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation and are anxiously awaiting the study that’s exploring the opening of North Brother Island to public access.

For now though, enjoy this aerial drone video of North Brother Island, set to a thunderous soundtrack. Photographer Christopher Payne, who photographed the island in all seasons, has told us that the best time to get images of the actual structures themselves is in the fall or early spring when the trees have lost their leaves and the shrub and poison ivy is far less invasive. Nonetheless, the video here shows the glory of the island in summer, with the remaining structures engulfed by nature.

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