Before it experienced a period of industrialization, New York City was full of lush greenery and bucolic treasures. Though the city is filled with more buildings and paved streets than it had in the past, there are still some hidden gardens and green spaces tucked in around the five boroughs. Here are the top ten hidden gardens to get away from the hustle and bustle of New York City.

10. Narrows Botanical Garden

Brooklyn is one of the fastest developing boroughs in New York City. But before the trendy restaurants and influx of people moving in, the Narrows Botanical Garden opened up as a green space for residents to enjoy. In 1995, the “jewel of Bay Ridge” was founded by James Johnson, a landscape designer, and Joan Regan. The two gained a number of volunteers to help cultivate the garden, including Richard Haugland, the principal gardener of City Hall Park. Haugland was involved in a number of the garden’s projects, like the pollinating garden and the city’s only outdoor cactus garden. The garden has received a number of accolades in its 21 years of existence. In 2013, Condé Nast Traveler named it one of the top five gardens to visit in New York City, and in 2015, the Narrows was listed as one of the top 15 botanical gardens in New York State.

According to its website, the goal of the garden is to “educate and inform the community about the natural world” and “foster knowledge and interest about plants and animals.” The Narrows offers a number of activities including an annual spring plant event, a fall harvest festival and movie nights.