9. The Battle of Pell’s Point Took Place in a Part of Pelham Bay Park

Secrets of Pelham Bay Park-Battle of Pell's Point-Bronx-NYCPhoto via Wikimedia Commons/Samuel Lewis – Originally from the Boston Public Library

During the Revolutionary War, part of the current Pelham Bay Park area served as an important site of the Battle of Pell’s Point between the British and American soldiers. On October 18, 1776, the Continental Army, led by Colonel John Glover faced off against the British and Hessian army of approximately 4000, led by General William Howe. According to the National Parks Service, Howe and his army landed in Throgs Neck on October 12, less than a week before the skirmish. The British were initially met by 25 members of the Continental Army while marching toward Kingsbridge.

Six days later, General Howe’s troops were led by British officers Henry Clinton and Charles Cornwallis, from Throgs Neck to Pell’s Point, where they fought against Colonel Glover’s troop of 750 American soldiers. The Americans continued to fight and retreated to Yonkers when the number of British soldiers became overwhelming. The work of Glover and the American soldiers at the Battle of Pell’s Point allowed George Washington and his troops to escape to White Plains. Today the site is marked by Glover’s Rock, named after the American Colonel.