The USS Intrepid, the decommissioned United States aircraft carrier, has been a mainstay on the New York City shoreline since 1982. Offering insight into a type of place that very few people see, this carrier is a perfect learning experience for people of all ages. But the big question is how much do people actually know about the famous ship? Well, here are ten secrets that you may not have known about the Intrepid.

10. The USS Intrepid Served in World War II, Vietnam and Cold War

After its initial launch in 1943, the USS Intrepid became a frontline fighter in World War II: even surviving a torpedo hit in the following year. While this may be common knowledge, very few know how big of a role the ship played during the Vietnam and Cold War. The ship made three Vietnam deployments, one of which earned the ship’s captain, John W. Fair, the Legion of Merit. Prior to this, it served as an anti-submarine carrier in the early 1960s to track Soviet vessels, according to the Intrepid Museum.