6. The Space Shuttle Enterprise is Displayed on the USS Intrepid

The Space Shuttle Enterprise at JFK Airport before it moved to the Intrepid

The Space Shuttle Enterprise, which we previously photographed at JFK Airport en route to the Intrepid, is currently on display atop the aircraft carrier. It was the first space shuttle orbiter, but it never actually made it into space. It was mainly used for landing tests, to see how flights would return to Earth. However, when time came to make it a real shuttle, it was overlooked due to budgetary reasons, according to ARS Technica.

When originally brought over to the Intrepid in 2012, it was given an inflatable canopy cover. This canopy would eventually be damaged in Hurricane Sandy and had to be redone: this time they added a metal skeleton to hopefully prevent any collapses in the future. With this addition, the Space Shuttle Enterprise was reopened in July 2013.