6.  Tom Burr on the Roof of Broadway 1602 Harlem

Broadway 1602 Harlem Tom Burr Untapped Cities AFineLyneThe installation “A Few Golden Moments” by artist Tom Burr

Located on the roof of Broadway 1602 Harlem Gallery‘s c.1903 firehouse in East Harlem, is an installation entitled A Few Golden Moments by artist Tom Burr. In his six-panel screen, Burr attempts to create a social relationship between object and architecture. In 2013, A Few Golden Moments graced the sculpture garden at Frieze New York, reflecting the Manhattan cityscape. In El Barrio, the piece reinvent’s itself, reflecting the local architecture and surrounding sky-line, and on the reverse side of A Few Golden Moments, the viewer will become a part of the installation through reflective mirrors.

On the ground-floor gallery space, Broadway 1602 Harlem is currently exhibiting a group show entitled 121 Street, with twelve artists including Mr. Burr’s piece Oblong Box #2. A Few Golden Moments and the exhibit 121 Street will be on view for just a few more golden moments, through August 5. Broadway 1602 Harlem is located at 211 East 121st Street.