7. The Tombs

When Nasir gets charged, he is transported to The Tombs, the Manhattan Detention Complex downtown between City Hall and Chinatown. A New York-based lawyer describes The Tombs, in its current state, to Untapped Cities as “Deep underground, with stale air and bright florescent lights, the cells in the Tombs are dreary, suffocating and sleepless places. During the approximately 24 hours that the accused are held there, they can expect a gross sandwich, shared bathroom with no stall, and 30 cellmates ranging from the dangerous to the innocent in various states of despair.” Seems like it was depicted quite well in The Night Of.

The van is shown entering a gated entrance on Baxter Street which does lead into The Tombs in real life. The shot from inside the tunnel of The Tombs looking out onto Bayard Street and Columbus Park, is also filmed from within the actual building.