A while back, we brought you a piece about the now extinct “Train to the Plane” on 1970s NYC Subway Maps. In the 70s, the city introduced the “JFK Express” or “Train to the Plane” as a premium fare charged ride with higher quality cars running from 57th Street and 6th Ave in Manhattan to the airport. Despite the extra comfort it offered, it was still slower than A train services. Today, this direct line no longer exists, instead you’d have to take the E to Jamaica or A to Howard Beach/JFK Airport and take the Airtrain from there.

One of our readers shared with us the MTA‘s 1980s video advertising this train ride to JFK Airport, featuring passengers explaining why this ride is worth the trip, with an incorporated jingle playing in the background. Our reader told us he never did take this train, but recalls seeing many people down on W. 4th Street waiting for it. It seemed to have run on a fairly regular schedule, every 20 minutes or so.

Watch the commercial above to reminisce if you were once a “Train to the Plane” rider or to simply enjoy the novelty of the video.

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